Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Conservative American Political Agenda

Blessed 12th of the Ash Moon YOTW 2012! The Ash moon was so very magickal. I do hope that your esbat was wonderful.

Let's talk about the Conservative American Political Agenda as revealed by the Republican candidates, their political pundits, their political "entertainers" and their Political Action Committees and then review the agenda in the light of our Wiccan ethics as described by the Rede.

When pushed on the topics of Israel, Syria, Iran and other Middle East issues, the Republican candidates, to a man, have talked of unilateral action of war, lead by and paid for by the USA.

Have we not learned by Iraq War II? This war was conceived and implemented by fanatics from the Nixon White House recycled into the Bush II presidency. Cheney, Rumsfeld and yes - Carl Rove, believed that they could take the Iraqi oil to pay for this war of convenience. To do as they planned they would need to destroy a nation, so they exaggerated and faked evidence of weapons of mass destruction and lead us to war for oil!

The Republican Agenda will lead us to war again and this time I'd bet they get the oil! Of course if it's Iranian oil it might be slightly radioactive. Are we ready for nuclear war over oil? Really?

The Republican Agenda is perfectly clear in the goals related to American women as they will "put them in their place" and return them to the status of chattel.

They are openly working to stop this equal pay for equal work business. Then there is the move to remove a woman's health coverage for birth control. A parallel target of the Republican Agenda is to control the fertility options of women by forcing unnecessary tests, ultrasound and counselling prior to an abortion even in cases of rape, incest, deformity and danger to the mother. So, they will make sure that she can't protect herself from an unwanted pregnancy and then force her to have the unwanted child even if it kills her.

Meanwhile, no candidate has even mentioned removing Cialis or Viagra from a man's health insurance. It would appear that they are intent on having older guys at the ready to impregnate their helpless women any time they choose. If this isn't sexist then I am heir to the Royal throne of England!

The Republican Agenda is also anti-union. Republican Governors and legislatures are participating in union busting around the USA. This is an attack on the middle class. Banks and credit card lenders are able to charge interest rates which were once called usury and resulted in imprisonment. These same lenders who lead the financial meltdown are protected from audit and over-site by the very same Republican Agenda.

The Republican Agenda is truly racist, yes I said racist! Republican Governors and state legislatures are taking action to harass American Latinos at every turn. Meanwhile, Black Americans are being restricted from voting. Remember when Governor Bush's Florida turned Black American's away from voting with lies about identification requirements. Well, now Republican states are making these identification requirements law in preparation for the coming Presidential election. We have the Republican "Birthers" and the Racist Comments regarding Mrs. Obama's figure. All of this has been orchestrated by Carl Rove, cheered on by Rush Limbaugh and paid for by Political Action Committees and Focus On The Family as a part of the Republican Agenda.

FOR THE RECORD!: (1) President Obama is an American. (2) Mrs. Obama has a very nice figure.

Another assault on the middle class is the protection of our most wealthy citizens from paying their fair share of income taxes. My perspective is that income tax is a necessary pain in the rear. However, I think that all citizens who earn above the poverty level should pay a roughly equal tax rate with NO exceptions.

The overall assault on the middle class, who give their sons, daughters, husbands and wives to protect US interests at home and abroad is only replicated in the likes of Nazi Germany, North Korea, China and backwater third world nations where 11 year old children are turned into soldiers, terrorists or pirates.

Then, the Republican Agenda carves up the Constitution and Bill of Rights to allow religious organizations to abrogate and abridge individual rights in favour of religious tenets whether real or not. This is a necessary step if the Republican Agenda is to succeed in creating an Evangelical Theocracy in the USA. Of course if you aren't associated with the favoured religion de jour you may well be on the outside looking in! This is a lot like we see in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Republican Agenda? Really?

The Republican Agenda rapes the environment. They hide behind slogans and platitudes for American energy while they destroy mountaintops and surrounding forest ecosystems for coal. They frack shale deposits for natural gas while polluting water supplies and causing earthquakes for hundreds of miles from the wells. They even allow the likes of BP and Dick Cheney's Haliburton to unsafely drill for oil in our coastal waters. All of this for higher profits for oil companies who pay little to no taxes while making profits which are some of the highest in the economy, all the while receiving Republican supported federal subsidies paid for by our taxes!

The Republicans have pushed laws through Congress which allow for corporate tax deductions when American jobs are moved overseas while providing no tax breaks for bring jobs to America!

Republican states around the country are replacing scientific fact and history based textbooks with watered down and sometimes fictional textbooks for their students to be taught with. So if the Evangelic Christian organization wishes to teach that cavemen lived along side the dinosaurs this is what the text books will indicate. This assures that the next generation will be taught what is dictated by the Republican Agenda. Reminds me very much of Nazi Germany!

The demonstrated Republican Agenda prohibits Civil Discourse in our Political Debate. This began when Newt Gingrich was cheating on his wife by night and verbally assaulting President Clinton by day for his philandering. This has been expanded by the Republican Agenda and is now a standard procedure used upon the Democrats when they won't cave in to the Republican Agenda. Shall I point out the assaults on Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. There are many more examples if you look.

I believe that if the Republican Agenda succeeds it will result in:
The American economy and middle class will be destroyed and our nation bankrupted.
The US will wage yet another unnecessary war over oil which may result in a nuclear exchange.
Women and people of colour in America will be forced into a subservient existence reminiscent of the 1960s.
An informal Evangelical "Christian"  Theocracy will grow and be dominant in American life resulting in a version of The Burning Times.

Based upon this discussion I find that the Republican Agenda is not compatible with The Wiccan Rede.

These are the Ways of the Wiccan Witch. This is the path I have chosen to walk the days of my life.

Come, walk with me....

Brightest Blessings,